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Fletcherkote Powder Coating Service Guide for Steel Pipe and Pipefittings.

Fletcherkote fusion bond powder coated pipe has been an industry benchmark providing corrosion protection to varying operating conditions associated with direct burial installations for gas transmission, wastewater, potable (drinking) water, non-potable water and water reclamation applications.


Since 1974, virtually every major energy and water transmission company in the United States has specified the Fletcherkote corrosion protection system for steel pipe.


Fletcherkote’s corrosion protection service system applies a primerless, one-part, heat-curable, thermosetting epoxy powder coating designed for corrosion protection to the interior and/or exterior of steel pipe. The protective powder coating is applied to powder manufacturer’s specified recommendations and IAPMO standards and is highly resistant to moisture penetration, bacteria, fungus, soil stress and corrosives, alkalis, hydrocarbons, backfill compaction, seawater and other harsh chemicals.



Fletcherkote pipe is accepted by the Envionmental Protection Agency for use in contact with potable water and meets American Water Works Association standards. Compatible with cathodic protection systems. Can also reduce pumping costs due to the low coefficient of friction on Internally coated surfaces.


Fletcherkote’s added product service to the exterior of steel pipe offers a cellular fusion bonded epoxy overcoating for the base corrosion protection layer to increase impact strength to offer further protection against field damage during lower in, backfilling, and construction abuse in rough terrain.

For product data sheet, MSDS, technical information please visit www.3M.com

Service Capacity:

  • Pipe for External coating 1/2" to 24" diameters, up to 40-foot lengths (DRL).
  • Pipe for Internal coating 1-1/2" to 6”" diameters, up to 40-foot lengths (DRL.
  • Pipe for Internal coating 8” to 24” diameters, up to 20-foot lengths (SRL)
  • Pipe for Internal & External coating 1-1/2” to 6” diameters, up to 40-foot lengths (DRL).
  • Pipe for Internal & External coating 8" to 24" diameters, up to 20-foot lengths (SRL).
  • Pipe Fitting elbows individual and/or welded onto pipe end require outer bend radius to not exceed a total of four (4) linear feet measured from end to end.

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