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Q: Why powder coating instead of liquid paint as a prevention strategy against corrosion?

A: Because of...


Powder coatings now exhibit higher impact resistance, hardness, abrasion and disbondment resistance. Thicker film builds [7 to 20 mils] in comparison to some liquid films [1 to 3 mils] offer further extension to the service life of the steel to be protected by providing a greater distance for corrosion to travel.

Environmental Safety

Conventional liquid paint relies on solvents or water to convey the resinous binder over a surface. Powder, in contrast, is a dry coating which does not need a volatile carrier for the purposes of coverage and flow. Todayís regulations in California on ozone depleting solvents, volatile organic compounds (VOCís) and other toxic solvents make powder coatings an acceptable, very desirable and safe alternative for corrosion protection and since no solvents are used, the harmful emissions including VOCís are eliminated.

Energy efficient

Reduced energy costs with faster curing powders. Some residual cure powders eliminate secondary cure process. Additional oven exhaust equipment and energy consumption are eliminated since there are no VOC emissions in powder.

Q: Why choose Fletcher Coating Company to service your powder coating/corrosion protection needs?

A: From its start in 1968, as a supplier of corrosion protection systems for pipe, Fletcher Coating soon began devoting its expertise to corrosion control solutions for a variety of steel products including rebar and oil tubular goods and has evolved into one of the most skilled and reliable suppliers of powder-coated products for the concrete construction, oilfield, and pipeline markets.

Our growth over the last three decades can be attributed to our offering of a wide range of fusion bonded powder coatings to a diverse product line and our willingness to respond to the growing and changing demands of the industries we serve.

Your powder coating protection is a capital investment, which will require careful planning to meet your performance requirements and deliver the return on your investment you expect. The coating applicator should work with you to ensure a smooth transaction; and at Fletcher Coating, we have some good reasons why we provide the best corrosion protection and service.

Product Assurance

Processes are integrated according to powder coating manufacturer and/or current industry specification including ASTM, NACE, SSPC, API, AWWA, EPA, and IAPMO standards.


As part of the service we provide, Fletcher Coating has access to product research and development including technical support through our network of powder material suppliers and industry trade organizations.

Organizational Membership

Fletcher Coating is an active participant in the protective coating industry associations including ASTM, NACE, IAPMO, to ensure you are provided up to date and state of the art powder coating service coordinated to specification.


Fletcher Coating has the most effective and dependable coating process equipment available utilizing state of the art equipment and materials provided by reputable companies such as ITW Gema, Sames, Wheelabrator, 3M, Dupont, Morton, LillyIndustries, Ervin Industries, and Industrial Process Equipment.


Fletcher Coating has over thirty years of experience applying powder coatings for corrosion protection to the industries we serve.


Focused exclusively on powder coating application only.


Our approach is to foster a service-partner alliance and drive project management outcome with speed, safety, reliability and accuracy.

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